Ilana Garon

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My name is Ilana. This is a picture of me, above. See? I clean up nicely.

I’m originally from Virginia, but for over a decade I’ve been working as an English teacher in a New York City public high school. My students are usually 10th-12th graders. I’m also a writer, as you can tell from this website; my articles tend to be about education policy or teaching in general, and Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens? is a (hopefully) humorous account of daily life in an inner city school. Next project: I’m hoping to branch out to YA this year.

In my free time I enjoy…you know, normal things! I’m an avid runner–mostly marathons and half-marathons. I’ll read anything that isn’t nailed down (particularly The New Yorker magazine). I like watching movies, hanging out with friends, following competitive swimming (my first love, before running), and discovering history in the city. I’m obsessed with Saucony sneakers, and really all running gear. I love dark chocolate with sea salt. I’m also quite partial to iced coffee, as it enables me to keep late hours. I keep very late hours.

Feel free to get in touch with me on my contact page, on any form of social media, or via owl post.

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Running a 1/2 marathon. (Molon labe!)

Ilana Running More-Mag Half

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Raising an eyebrow at you.


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With my awesome brothers at a family wedding on NYE.