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I wrote this essay about friendship and loss. Vol. 1 Brooklyn was kind enough to publish it, coincidentally on the 3rd anniversary of my friend’s passing.

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Writing about something other than education…love.

I wrote about vulnerability and connection–and NOT education!–for the Hillel International blog, “Ask Big Questions.” (Hillel is a network of Jewish organizations on college campuses across the world.)

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It’s Not ‘Planning Time’ If We’re Told How to Use It!

Writing about what can be done to re-structure teacher time for more efficacy and productivity. (Education Week)

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Making the Trade: Offering Noncollege Options to Students

On the need for more trade school/vocational options for high school students. (Harvard Kennedy School)

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My Assessment Problem: A Desk-Eye View

Talking about standardized tests, teacher evaluations, and measuring teaching. (Education Week)

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